Media Log: Entry One.


How will I define what classes as Media?

Personally, I may define media as a form of mass communication and delivery of information and data between members of society via platforms such as print base, art, or the internet – such as magazines or online advertisements. It is difficult to distinguish ‘What is Media?’ because it is such umbrella term, meaning a lot of different things for different audiences. For the purpose of this log, I will categorize media into three main aspects;

  • Visual – such as Television.
  • Audio – such as Radio or CD’s.
  • Electronic  – such as Social Media, or the Internet.

By doing this, I hope to create a log which is accurate to my own consumption of media and give a detailed analysis of three days worth of consumption.

How will I deal with things like advertising, et cetera?

As a teen, in general I find that I am constantly bombarded with advertising and new forms of media that I consume almost by instinct – such as billboards, radio and pop-up advertisements on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, which I use regularly. To combat this, I may have to note down specific advertisements I come across and use an approximation of the time I consumed this media at, and for how long – however I hope this will not have to be done often throughout my log.

How will I record my data for the Media Log?

To conduct the recordings of my media log, I have taken it upon myself to create a notebook specifically to record data of what media I have come into contact with over the three days. The notebook has been set into a table format including columns such as ‘Title of Media’, ‘Duration’ and ‘Time’ in order to give a detailed analysis of the media I have consumed. To create accurate data and note down everything media related I consume, for the days, I will this around and write down data whenever possible. This data from the notebook will be later logged into a table created on Microsoft Word to streamline the data I have found.

Will I face any challenges with conducting the assignment?

While conducting this assignment, I may encounter problems. Firstly, one may be that because of work commitments, it may be difficult to note down into my notebook the specific times and durations of the media I consume, because of other activities I will be doing at work. However, to combat this I presume I will ‘mentally log’ this for a later date to write in my Media Log book. Another challenge I may face is the sheer quantity of media I have consume – if only accidentally! This will be a great challenge, because as a teen, I heavily consume Social Media therefore making this a very large task to undertake. Lastly, I’ll also find it difficult to log data that I have consumed subconsciously, as a teen there is a sheer amount of advertising that a member of the public is bombarded with unintentionally. Although this is difficult to log, I will attempt create a log of the highest standard detail possible – by noting down platforms such as music, advertising and internet usage.

What do I expect to find through doing this?

I expect to find patterns and trends towards my media consumption – such as specific times and platforms of media I consume throughout the day. I also expect to find the sheer quantity of media that the average teen would run into on a day to day basis, if only subconsciously.


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