Media Log: Entry Three.

Do my findings link to any theories I have studied?

  • Hypodermic needle theory

This is a 1930’s theory which depicts how an audience is subconsciously injected by messages, morals and values by the media. A prime example of this that I have found within my Media Log was by a Bus advertisement – depicting a ‘weekly pass’, which lead me to wonder if I should invest in a weekly travel ticket on the bus, although I didn’t need one. This theory also creates ‘false needs’ as discussed by Theodore Adorno.

  • Uses and gratifications theory

The ‘Uses and Gratifications’ theory by Bulmer and Katz depicts that an audience will actively seek out media for specific purposes such as entertainment or to be informed. This was shown in my Log by most of my interactions with Media – such as my usage of Facebook or games such as ‘Sonic Dash’ on my mobile – while waiting for the bus, a usually boring task. This was also shown while I was working during the first day of my Media Log – seeking viewing the television while working to combat my boredom.

What has this assignment taught me about the Media’s role in my life?

 This assignment has really opened up my eyes to the sheer amount of media that I use on a day-to-day basis, both consciously and subconsciously. I have also discovered my heavy reliance on my mobile phone as the main source of entertainment, using gaming and messaging apps to seek entertainment and communication with others around me. It has also taught me specific routines I adhere to with my consumption of media, such as messaging friends during the evening and playing music and games at certain locations, for instance the ‘Bus Stop’.

What could I learn about others media consumption from this?

 If I were to analyze another’s’ media consumption, I believe I may have discovered patterns and trends with their media consumption. While discussing the Log with fellow course mates, we discovered each individual had a varying amount of ‘Pages’ within their electronic log, depicting different amounts of media they had consumed per day – showing variations of every individuals reliance on the Media.

 How successful was this Log?

The log was quite successful yet would have been better if I were to have started it on a day that I was not working. It took up surprisingly a lot more time than I had expected it to – honestly, I knew about my reliance on Media (especially Social Media) yet never fully came to terms with the sheer amount of this I consumed.

What would I change if I were to complete this Log again?

To create a more structured work routine, I would pace my typing up of the log better. For instance, I would take time out of my day to begin to submit my findings from my notebook onto the electronic table so I was not left with as much typing to do at a later date. To create a Media Log more tailored to my media consumption, I would also choose a day I was not working to get more specific and accurate data for my Media Log – for example, during the first day I would have used Media a lot more if I were to have not had work arrangements.





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