Media Log: Entry Two.

How did I conduct the Log?

To conduct the Media Log, I kept a notebook with me throughout the three days to have easy access to noting down Media I had come across. This was set out within a table format for each detail of the log which was beneficial to understand my daily usage of media. To study and properly display the findings, an online table was created via Microsoft Word.

Did I have any problems conducting the Log?

I had several problems while conducting the log, the first being remembering to write down the data, due to the subconscious nature of the Media I was consuming – for instance noting down car advertisements while walking down the street. This may have impacted the research and give less accurate findings than I expected. Also I found problems with technology while inputting my data from the notebook to Microsoft Word – although this was shortly resolved.

What were my primary findings throughout the Media Log?

A primary outcome I discovered during the process of the media log was the sheer amount of media I consume on a day to day basis – even when I do not consciously realise this. For instance – during my first day of the media log, I was at work for a large period of time, yet still consuming media via the radio station within the workplace – and glancing at the television frequently. I have also discovered the sheer reliance of the internet I have, for my entertainment. This has been shown to be developed in many forms, particularly Social Media and online television show streaming outlet Netflix.

Were the Media Log findings surprising, or expected?

Personally, I was surprised by my findings of the log. This was not due to the amount of media I consumed for my own entertainment, yet the amount that I consumed subconsciously, particularly through advertising. Even while taking a walk, I found many advertisements for new cars, homes, businesses and stores which I would have usually not even realised I was paying attention to. I have also discovered that I tend to use some phone applications more than others – for instance, the clock, and Facebook Messenger which I am almost constantly using throughout the day. However, I have also observed that I am not as reliant on text messaging as I previously thought, only texting friends when internet access is unavailable.

Was this a typical three-days usage of media for me?

To answer this truthfully– no. I found that throughout the first day in particular, there was large periods where I would not consume media in a great amount, because I was working. However, throughout the second and third day – I discovered my media consumption greatly increased, due to boredom. In particular, my usage of Social Media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram increased due to not having any plans during my day, therefore leading me to rely on these sources as a means of entertainment.


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